Five years ago I had a moment of remembrance. Alone in a ​ dark retreat , in the basement of an abandoned building on a desolate dirt road in the highlands of Guatemala, I recognized my vast potential as a creator, manifesting my reality. It wasn’t the orgasmic peak of blissful union towards which I had imagined I was heading; it was a mind-numbingly simple experience of effortless being, and it brought me face to face with the sad reality that I had been squandering my own potential and living an uninspired and unfulfilling life.

In that moment, I stopped projecting an image of self. Instead, I allowed and witnessed the self that flowed effortlessly through me. This effortless overflowing was my natural state, my birthright, and my purpose. It was both humbling and empowering, and I vowed to actualize it to its fullest potential.

That vow led me into a journey of self-discovery, reclaiming parts of myself that I had lost to neglect, self-doubt and fear. It also led me into service. For four years I have been co-creating and maintaining safe containers for others to dive deep into their own magic, to reconnect to their own hearts and reclaim their own power. In exchange, these communities have witnessed, allowed, and supported me as I’ve integrated each newly remembered layer of my being.

As I deepen into myself, my relationship to the practice changes. Sometimes I teach, sometimes I retreat, sometimes I question what I'm doing with this life. Through it all, Self-Enquiry has guided me ever more deeply into my own experience of Truth.
I am currently traveling throughout the west coast of the US offering cacao ceremonies with my partner. Click here for upcoming events.       


The Blog

The Consciousness Experiment began as a documentation of my interaction with the Yogic process. It has become a documentation of my journey of healing, growth, and expansion. As I experiment with consciousness, truth, love and the human condition, I share here my insights, revelations, oversights, and tribulations.

Through the writing process, I bring more of my own awareness to aspects of my journey I might otherwise overlook. I hope as well that others will be inspired to connect and to reach out with and for support, because we’re all in this together!