Yoga, Cacao, Reiki 

Align the spine, ease tension, open energy channels, raise your vibration and allow who you truly are to flow through.
Glow. Overflow. Illumine.

Traditional Hatha Yoga​


Reiki is a universal healing energy. A Reiki channel is a person who has undergone intitiations to enable large amounts of this energy to flow through themselves so that it can become available to others.​​ As this healing energy fills our energetic, emotional, and mental bodies, it enables healing and alignment that is reflected in the health of the physical body.

I am a certified Reiki Master and offer Reiki sessions for $75.

Chocolate & Yoga

Ceremonial cacao helps to raise our vibration, increases our sensitivity to subtle energies, and acts as a facilitator between us and whatever we wish to partner with. This makes it a great tool for taking a Yoga practice deeper, as it can help us become aware of where we have energetic blockages and, if we allow it, help us release them.

Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is an ancient medicine, traditionally blended with warm spices and served as a hot drink by the indigenous peoples of Central America, and used to facilitate a connection to the divine within.

Through guided meditations, sounding and intuitive use of a variety of processing tools and techniques, I work with cacao to help people get in touch with their true essence.

Ceremonies typically begin with a group practice to raise our collective vibration. This can be a sound practice, a yoga practice or a guided meditation. This prepares us for an inner journey to get in touch with what we're ready to work with: whether you're ready to step into a higher vibrational potential, reconnect with your inner child, rediscover your own magic, or finally feel and release density that you've been carrying, these ceremonies are both a container and a permission slip for you to dive deep and work in partnership with one of humanity's most ancient spiritual guides, Theobroma Cacao.

Laugh, cry, sing, sigh, let loose, let go, shine and overflow.

As we radiate our true essence, we shift into a higher vibrational reality. The shadow aspects of ourselves, the density, the limiting beliefs, unworthiness... everything that does not vibrate at high frequencies will rise from the subconscious, ready for us to work with. This provides us the opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with these aspects of ourselves, and even to release them and make room for more of our true potential.

​​ Sivananda , Hridaya and Reiki come together for a deep experience grounded in a traditional approach. On the physical level, there is an emphasis on spinal alignment and the release of tension. Working deeper, we create space to allow universal energy to flow through the subtle energy channels. As we relax into poses for 1-7 minutes, we sink through layers of resistance and allow pent up energies, stress and repressed emotions to release, making space for higher vibrational energies. In this way, each class is a healing process on physical and emotional levels. Ultimately, the practice is intended to bring us into deeper alignment so that who we truly are can flow through. Through the classes practitioners access a state of effortless overflowing we call "the glow." It is the energy of our highest potential, channeled into the world. Joy. Peace. Radiance.

This is Yoga for the shift!